YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Hayloft in the Grove never disappoints as a gorgeous wedding venue. And when you’re a hilarious and wonderful couple like Erin and Craig, it’s even more magical. And on August 14th, I was able to share an amazing moment with them, WHILE IT WAS LIVE PAINTED! I mean I’ve seen many cool things at weddings, but having someone paint the ceremony spot to end with their kiss was 👏👏👏
I really loved Erin and Craig, and Erin and Craig really loved the Bills…as was understood by their ring bearer sign and vows…many Bills references in the vows! And I loved it all. It was so them and unique and a fun moment to be a part of. And after they kissed and walked out together as husband and wife, a bagpiper started as a surprise to Erin’s dad! He was sobbing, I was almost sobbing, and it was a wonderful day. Congratulations Craig and Erin! You’re such a perfect couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and Bill’s wins!

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