YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 24th was threatening rain, but it was so green and beautiful in Stafford, NY, in Samantha’s parents backyard, it was hard to remember to be nervous about it. When I arrived I found Sam chillin’ with her bridesmaid’s (and the cutest sleepy puppers), and getting excited about things starting. Tim took me around to see how things would work in this amazing space, and I gawked at what a pretty alter it was with a giant pond behind them. It did start to sprinkle a little bit as Sam was walking, but she looked so beautiful I’m not sure anyone noticed. They smiled at each other and read their beautiful vows and I was reminded how magical these moments can be. It may be raining on you, but who cares when you’re telling your person how much you love them. It reminds you what is important in life. After I sped up my talk a bit (I didn’t want then too wet), it felt like no time before they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Tim and Samantha. You’ve been together a long time and this seemed like a moment that was worth waiting for for. Best wishes always.

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