YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 12th was magical…and I mean it since it was a Harry Potter themed wedding! Quickest way to my heart. At Templeton Landing Alicia and Justin had everything set up to match their “nerd” personalities, which I loved! The mimosa glass was the best of all (see below). It was a scorcher out and I could tell Justin was going to have an expiration date, but once Alicia made her way to him and stood beside him, he seemed completely comfortable. I think that is a real theme in their relationship. They shared their meaningful written vows, and while not everyone could hear them, it made them all the more special. They were for each other (and luckily an eavesdropper like me). Soon they were kissing and hurrying over to the shade! Congratulations Justin and Alicia! There is no denying that the two of you are perfect together and I see a long, happy, and magical future for the two of you!

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