YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 7th was a rainy, yet beautiful day, which matched the energy that Lyndsey and Dustin give out. They had gotten married during quarantine, but now they were ready for their wedding with friends and family! The Timberlodge at Arrowhead is a lovely spot and I was so happy to see Lyndsey and Dustin again. And I have to say, they made me feel pretty special when they gave me my own corsage! They didn’t want to say their vows in front of everyone, which I really respected. They were sharing this big moment, but some words were just for them. Soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife for a second time, and the room couldn’t have been happier. Congratulations Dustin and Lyndsey. You’re truly a wonderful couple and I wish you much love always.

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