YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 10th was a beautiful day at Gregor’s Garden Grove, all set for Bliss and Todd’s wedding! I knew this was going to be a lovely event when Todd called me a few days prior, just to talk about all the steps he was taking to make sure everything was perfect. He wouldn’t leave anything up to chance when it came to giving Bliss a perfect day. When I arrived they were still getting ready, and it had a very low-key vibe which I adore. Guests were slowly coming in, excited to be a part of the moment. As I waited at the alter for Bliss and Todd to escort each other, I burst out laughing when they did to the Darth Vader Theme song! They know what they are about and the guests loved it. You could tell they were moved standing across from one another vowing to always love on, and I was happy to have been a part of their moment. Congratulations Todd and Bliss. You’re so well matched and I know you’ll have a happy life ahead of you!

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