YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

January 29th was Shelonda and Briana’s magical day at the Botanical Gardens. A couple that has been together for so many years, that when meeting them it was hard to ever imagine them apart. Since they loved the idea of an intimate wedding, no pandemic was going to stop them from telling each other how much these years have meant to them, and how much they are looking forward to the rest of their lives.
When I first arrived, I found Briana taking care of business and slowly getting more nervous. She kept checking with me to make sure I knew what I was doing 😂 She wanted to make sure I would ask everyone to stand when Shelonda made her appearance and I assured her that is something I always do. Since the intro song was long, I would as soon as I saw her appear. The SECOND the song started Briana turned to her guests and told them to all stand! It was so funny that I laughed alongside guests. She was leaving NOTHING to chance and wanted to make sure Shelonda had a perfect moment. And perfect it was. They looked at each other with such love, and their vows were unbelievably moving. They participated in a sand ceremony, aware of the fact that once the sand was combined together, it could never be separated again. This is what they were here for. Congratulations Briana and Shelonda! You’re a beautiful couple and I’m so happy to have shared in this moment.

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