YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

This was one of my favorite weddings. On December 19th I joined Maleeha and James at the Botanical Gardens for their very intimate wedding. Just 8 guests and them. Really, it’s all you need. They are a perfect couple. Very in love, but also very chill when it came to their big day. That way, so long as they ended up married at the end, they couldn’t be disappointed! I felt their love during the entire ceremony, and kept getting distracted by how beautiful Maleeha’s dress was! Their vows were so meaningful, and when Maleeha pulled out her 2 pages of handwritten vows, I knew I had to steady myself. I get emotional too! But we all made it through and I was overjoyed to have spent my last wedding of 2020 with them. Congratulations James and Maleeha. The moment suited the two of you perfectly and I hope your years can only go up from this point forward. Much love!

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