YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Halloween was a gorgeous day. And very lucky for Baily and Brandon because there is no guarantee that October 31st will be a nice day, but it sure was at the Roycroft Chapel, part of the Roycroft Inn. I found the happy couple hiding out in the back with their wedding party, looking very excited and a tad nervous. Things were moving quickly, and as the guests filled inside, I made my way to the alter with Brandon and his many groomsmen. These two have a lot of friends! We watched Bailey make her way down the aisle and Brandon had such a look of love, nerves, excitement, more nerves, all on his face! They took hands and while they laughed a lot together, it was a romantic and intimate moment that you could tell was affecting them in real time. They tied a Fisherman’s Knot to symbolize the strength of their relationship, and after that, they were kissing for the first time as married humans! Congratulations Brandon and Bailey! You’re truly a beautiful couple and I wish you nothing but the best!

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