YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok. Some people have to re-plan their whole wedding because of a pandemic. AND THEN, some have to deal with that AND with rain. How to handle? Well first off, if you’re Sydney on September 5th at the Avanti Mansion, you look stunningly beautiful. Secondly, you take it all in stride and acknowledge that a little rain never hurt nobody! Sydney and James were just lovely and happy, and while they didn’t love the rain, they knew they were getting married and that is ALL that mattered.
We started to gather outside, and Jimmy and I joked how their singer looked like a ghost because she had to have a sheet over her to keep the electrical equipment dry. But he didn’t care about the sprinkling at all. And then Sydney made her debut, and he just immediately started crying. It was so sweet and I was glad I almost always have an emergency tissue in my pocket! She joined him on the beautiful koi pond island, and they took hands as her maid of honor fixed her amazing dress. They wrote their own vows, and Jimmy read his which were so meaningful and full of love, and as Sydney pulled hers out, and let us know they were going to be long because she had lots of love to get off her chest, it started to really rain. Her party ran on got an umbrella for her, and I watched Jimmy get soaked while literally not even noticing. He only noticed her and every word she said. It was a really special moment. After that, they tucked their love letters into their wine box and soon enough were in each others arms kissing as husband and wife!
Congratulations James and Sydney! You’re such a perfect couple and that is why your day was extra lucky with that wedding rain 😉 I wish you a lifetime of beauty and happiness.

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