YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Nothing can stop true love, so take that pandemic! That was the feeling on August 16th at Timberlodge with Elayne and Taran. People were happily gathering (all masked up), and getting excited. When I checked in with Elayne, it was hilarious. I walked in the room where she was hiding out, and she was like, oh hi, tell me how to do everything, i don’t know what I’m doing at all. 🤣 I understood the feeling and assured her that it was very painless and there wouldn’t be any guess work involved. She was just too cute (and gorgeous looking).
Taran seemed a bit nervous and quiet, but I think that’s just how he is…a pensive sort of guy. He was kind of pacing around, talking to people, but seemed distracted and I knew he wasn’t as comfortable without Elayne by his side. But soon enough the wait was over, and there they were, face to face at their alter, and the tears started and the nervous laughs, and the mild shaking. Just so much love all contained in one spot! They made it through everything and seemed so moved and appreciative that they got to have their moment. By the time they were kissing, I think I was clapping loudest of all!
Congratulations Taran and Elayne! It was such a lovely moment that you both deserved and I know you’ll have so much more happiness together in your future.

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