YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It’s been a crazy year, but a lovely summer. Especially for anyone having an intimate wedding. And that was Sarah and Kurt on July 11th, at Bassett Park. Just them, some close friends and family, and a couple of dogs. Perfection!
They showed up in their wedding days masks (which were amazing and all quarantine weddings need these), and Sarah hid with friends as Kurt walked around, hoping that it wouldn’t rain. I watched the girls share some champagne, as Sarah seemed to get more nervous/excited as time went on. I love watching the emotional stages people go through before getting married. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t what you originally planned, or that it’s smaller, it’s still a huge moment between a couple! When there were finally standing across from each other, it was beautiful. Sarah had tears running down her cheeks as they smiled at one other and promised to love each other through good and bad times. And they are doing pretty good with the bad times right now.
Congratulations Kurt and Sarah! You’re such a beautiful couple and I was so happy to share this moment with you. And I imagine you survived the torrential downpour that happened one minute after I left as you were all outside! I’m sure those are memories for a lifetime. Much love.

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