YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

2020 is about small, intimate weddings. COVID made sure of that, but honestly, I think couples are really happy with it. At least Audrey and David sure seemed to be on July 3rd, at their sweet Buffalo home with their family and puppers. When I arrived, everyone was keeping their distance, but in a large backyard, you didn’t really notice. Audrey’s parents had their ukuleles out and were preparing for a couple songs to begin the ceremony. David and Audrey both seemed so excited, but still grounded as Audrey checked on often me and made sure I was comfortable with everything. After waiting for a backyard train to go by, they were musically serenaded and then it was time for the ceremony. That’s when they got nervous! They held hands, dropped hands, laughed and grabbed them again, feeling all of the emotions that a wedding brings. It was so charming that I couldn’t help smiling throughout. They said their vows and exchanged rings with lightly shaking hands, and truly seemed to be in pure bliss by the time they were kissing as husband and wife. Then it was time for champagne and their dog to come greet them, having fully agreed to this marriage! Congratulations David and Audrey! You’re such a lovely couple and I know you’ll make it through this year and have many happy ones in your future.

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