YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It’s seriously the best thing that weddings are happening again! I know a lot of you have been inconvenienced and had to push them back a year, or change or date, or change everything, but some of you are moving forward, albeit with a guest list cut by 90%. That is what Julie and Jake did on June 20th at a family home on Rushford Lake. They realized that didn’t need a huge gathering to make this day special…but a beautiful lake as a backdrop sure did help!
I found Jake outside, walking around barefoot and totally calm. Just another day, this one a bit more fun. The best part for me was his cuff-links. He had the same ones from a Simpson’s Episode where Lisa gets married. If you’re a fan, these were a big deal and I was geeking out. Everything looked lovely outside, and there were kids running around and people just enjoying the perfect weather. When Julie made her way downstairs she looked beautiful and as ready to go as Jake!
After she was escorted down the aisle they smiled at each other and laughed at parts of the vows they wrote to each other. You could hear the boats going by behind us and it felt like a perfect summer wedding. By the time they were kissing, the small group made enough applause to make it sound like a full wedding! Congratulations Jake & Julie! It was such a lovely day and I’m so glad you actually got to have it! Best wishes!

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