YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Two weddings in one day! It’s how I like to roll. So on September 21st, I rolled on over to The Foundry for Colleen and Blaise’s big moment! I had only met them over FaceTime, so it was wonderful to finally see them in the flesh. They are a beautiful couple, and I liked them even more than when I first met them, which is saying a lot!
When they were all set and headed downstairs to get ready to be married in the gorgeous courtyard, I got a kick out of how excited Colleen was to see everything put together. You work so hard on your wedding, signs and favors and decorations, and sometimes you have to give those to the venue and hope they have the same vision as you. Well I could tell Colleen was so happy looking back at all her hard work and that it was exactly as she imagined. It’s really fun to watch couples geek out at their own wedding! Soon enough, Blaise and I were outside watching Colleen walk in, and I think Blaise was extremely shocked at how emotional he became. I’m sure he would have bet the farm he wasn’t going to cry, and since they saw each other beforehand, he was prepared. But nothing can prepare you for THAT moment, and when she was in his hands, he was crying. They took hands and talked to each other, joking and calming one another, and only stopped to listen to their friends and family give readings that really summed them up. Soon enough, it was time to kiss, and what a kiss it was! Full of love and passion and perfect for a new husband and wife! Congratulations Blaise and Colleen! It was a perfect moment for you and I’m so happy that you found me. Best wishes always!

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