YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On Friday July 19th, I got up nice and early to head to Darien Lake’s Campground fom Desiree and Bryan’s 10am wedding! No better way to start the day. It was supposed to be scorching hot out, but luckily it was overcast and breezy, so it was a perfect day to sit outside with friends and family, enjoying a marriage and of course, a good BBQ.
When I arrived, it was typical camper atmosphere. No one was dressed, the beers were open, and kids were playing tag! But Desiree can keep all things in order, so after the kids were ready, she told Bryan to get dressed and she got ready for the big moment as well. Bryan is shy. Like REALLY shy, so this moment wasn’t going to be easy for him. He’s the kind of guy who would rather wrestle a bear than show emotions in front of people, so I was really curious about how this was going to go. As I headed to the alter with Bryan and his best-man, he stood pretty far away. I told him he could come closer and he told me, eventually… Nervous part one. When Desiree started walking down the aisle, he turned away and faced me because tears were running down his face. I was a little worried for him, but Desiree got there and smiled at him and although he was still mildly tortured, he smiled back at her. They made it through their vows and rings, with emotion still sweeping over both of them. And by the time they were kissing at husband and wife, they were so happy to finally be married, and to possibly not have to stand in front of everyone anymore!
Congratulations Bryan and Desiree. You’re such a lovely family and I’m so happy that I got to share this moment with you. Much love!

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