YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I don’t pick favorite couples, but if I did, Pam & Dave are right at the top of the list. It doesn’t hurt that Dave and I bowl on the same nights, so we got some extra hang time before June 7th, a perfect wedding day. Well sort of a wedding day. Pam didn’t want to call it that. More of a, hey-let’s-hang-out-and-have-drinks-and-oh-i-got-married sort of thing. It was perfect for them and Big Ditch was a perfect spot. It really just felt like close friends and family hanging out and having a couple beers. It felt low key, intimate, and lovely. I could tell Pam was getting a little bit nervous, but she was mostly excited and she and Dave kept checking in with each other. After waiting for guests to arrive, it was time to get this non-wedding-party started. They immediately looked so happy standing there with me. I think I was beaming from ear to ear to get to be a part of this moment. Early in the ceremony they had a reading, and it was my favorite part. They had many different friends and family share one line from the reading, and it was great watching the microphone being passed around the room to different people, all saying a bit. The last two lines were for Pam and Dave, and it took Dave a beat or two to even get it out because he was so emotional. He was so moved when he finally did that he grabbed Pam and they shared a huge kiss! I was laughing and told them to hang on a minute, we weren’t even half way done! The rest of the ceremony was a dream and when it was time to kiss again, it was absolutely perfect. Probably because of that earlier practicing! Congratulations Dave and Pam! I’m really so happy that you found each other (more than once), because it’s clear that you’re meant to be. Let’s make sure we roll a game together in the future. Best wishes always!

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