YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 1st was my 3rd wedding of the weekend and I was excited to spend it with Jessica and Curtis at The Westin. It was the first wedding I had performed there, and I was super stoked that I got to do it in front of a waterfall wall! It’s the simple things really. I found Jessica and Curtis when I arrived and they seemed a bit nervous. Well, Jessica seemed a bit more nervous. It was all hitting her in that moment. But I knew that once they were out there it would all fall into place. The space was really amazing and guests began gathering in the room, excitedly chatting. Everyone quieted down as Curtis walked down the aisle followed by the wedding party and the cutest little wagon pulling the cutest little baby. You really can’t top a wagon…or so I thought until Jessica walked out, looking stunning and all eyes were immediately on her.
They were both emotional when they met at the alter, but they still held it together. Honestly it was difficult for me when they pulled their vows out which were so meaningful and well written, and I feel like I really understood their entire relationship in that moment. Eventually I’m going to break down and cry during one of these, I just know it. After their vows, they walked over to their sand ceremony and began combining the colors to show their forever unity. They seemed excited after that because they knew it was just about time for that first kiss! Congratulations Curtis and Jessica. You were always meant to be in each others lives, and now you will be forever. I wish you a lifetime of joy!

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