YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 2nd sounds like a fall wedding, but it was all summer in Buffalo, and gorgeous at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. Danielle and Rick were there, eagerly awaiting their big moment. Danielle looking beautiful, hid out with her party downstairs. Rick was kind of on his own, and decided to head to a room behind the alter for some alone and quiet time before everything became crazy. He looked happily nervous and I liked that he wanted a moment to take everything in by himself. Eventually though, it was time to begin, so I got Rick and we headed to the alter to await Danielle. When she did come out, he somehow looked calmer and more nervous at the same time! I don’t even know how to explain it. They were so happy to see each other though, that they just about kissed at the alter! They went in for it, but then I saw Danielle realize, oh that’s for the end! It was really adorable and people laughed along with them. It was pretty steamy inside the building, but Danielle even reached out to dry the sweat from Rick’s brow. If that’s not love people, tell me what is! They listened to their readings with smiles and repeated their vows with clutched hands, and soon enough I was pronouncing them married! Congratulations Rick and Danielle! You’re such a well matched couple that I know there will be nothing by joy in your future. Best wishes always!

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