YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 10th was a perfect day for a perfect wedding. The weather, venue, and couple were all beautiful and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else but Becker Farms for Colleen and Matthew’s big day. After scoping out their decorations and such, I found the couple enjoying a drink, away from everyone, and mentally preparing for their big moment. They seemed a little nervous, but happy to be hanging out with each other. It’s another reason I love the first look, because they you can spend the rest of the time together, and not alone missing your person and wondering what they’re doing. We checked up on some last minute things (where were those Wine/Love Letter Box letters…), but it all came together and soon it was time to line up and get ready to head out. As the whole party gathered together, I loved watching them interact as old friends and new friends with family all mixed in. Everyone is happy and excited and it’s a pretty unique moment that maybe would never happen if we weren’t at a wedding.
Matt and I headed to the alter to watch the bridal party come out, including adorable flower girls, and finally Colleen made her stunning entrance. They took hands and smiled at each other and had happy tears and laughter and some mild bee swatting to boot. They promised to love and take care of each other for all time, and I knew it was a special moment. Soon enough though it was time to kiss, and you realize in that moment how quickly weddings fly by. Congratulations Matt and Colleen! You really are a wonderful couple and I know you’ll have a happy life together. Now get on those missing letters!

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