YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June has been a wild month. Lots of beautiful days and even more beautiful weddings. I found myself back at The Foundry on June 15th for Christina and R.J.’s high-energy wedding. From the moment I met Christina and R.J. face to face, I knew this was an awesome wedding to be a part of. They were so excited, didn’t seem at all nervous, just beyond pumped to be getting married. I hung out downstairs with R.J. and watched him greet guests. There is no doubt that he has a theater background, and is full of confidence and joy. Everyone seemed so happy to be there, and it really felt like it was a reunion for guests. Everyone seemed to know everyone! R.J. headed to the alter early to joke around and make people laugh as he waited for his bride. He was directing guests and I could tell he was kind of bursting with excitement for the moment to begin. Finally, Christina appeared, looking absolutely stunning. Not to mention the ADORABLE flowers girls that preceded her. The couple took hands and we began, me making a few jokes about them that they belly-laughed at, because they are so easy going and fun. It felt like the ceremony flew by and soon enough they were having that first, dramatic kiss. Congratulations R.J. and Christina! You were always the Peter Pan and Wendy who were supposed to meet and I know you’ll have a beautiful life ahead of you. Much love always.

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