YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

December 29th was a cold one to be sure, but it was still Christmas inside the Brierwood Country Club, so you really didn’t mind it. As Jenna was getting ready upstairs, Christmas tunes played down below, while Chase as his groomsmen talked and laughed and awaited the big moment. With two fireplaces roaring, guests seems cozy and happy and excited for such a beautiful moment to take place. Although Chase looked a little nervous, he had already explained to me that he might have been anxious about everyone looking at him, but he was zero percent nervous about marrying Jenna. A couple that knew within 3 months they were destined for each other…so much so that within a year they had moved to foreign land together!
As Jenna made her way down the aisle, she looked radiant and Chase couldn’t take his eyes off her. They seemed a little nervous at first, standing a bit away from each other, looking in each others eyes, but then away so as to not cry. But by the time they said their handwritten vows and exchanged rings, they were holding hands and smiling and you could tell that it might be cold and blustery outside, but for them, everything felt perfect. Congratulations Chase and Jenna! You’re a magical couple and I’m so happy to have finished up my wedding season with the two of you. Much love in the new year and always.


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