YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Sometimes you can’t wait until the evening to get married, because you want to spend the entire day as husband and wife. That was the case for Breanna and John on October 28th. At 10AM, at the always stunning Botanical Gardens, they had their moment in front of maybe a dozen family members, and quietly and beautifully became each others family. It was a truly beautiful moment, flowers covering everything and both of them looking dashing, especially the little skulls on John’s bow tie. John seemed a little nervous once he stood up front, but seemed to relax more and more every time he looked at Breanna. They had a painting ceremony where they each poured two different color paints down their canvas, watching them combine into one new color, symbolizing their new life together. It was truly a beautiful moment, and I could see all of their guest beaming when it came time for that first kiss. Congratulations John and Breanna! I loved you the minute I met you both, and I’m so happy that I was a part of this moment. That was definitely the best way to start a day. Best wishes always!


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