YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

No two weddings look the same. And very few look like Cassandra and Lee’s at the stunning Fontainebleau Inn in Apline NY! What a stunner! Coming out of a gorgeous and historic 1814 Inn, the ceremony was set down a deep hill, and next to a lake. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that! Cassandra and Lee were both ready to go when I got there, and I think it was hard for them having to wait for guests to gather. They were ready to say their “I do’s”! It could also be that their two very young boys were quiet and calm and they wanted to get going before that moment ended! There were the most adorable flower girls running all around, and it almost felt like a backyard wedding, just on a stunning estate! Soon enough we made the long walk down, with the rumbling of thunder making everyone nervous, and got to watch Cassandra make the long and beautiful walk down. She was preceded by their son Simon with a “here comes my mom” sign which was adorable, and to the Game of Thrones theme song no less! It was actually incredibly beautiful stripped down to an acoustic version, and showed the couples fun side. When Cassandra finally made it to Lee, they took each others hands and were all smiles. There were some nervous glances to their little boys because wedding or no wedding, parents can’t stop being parents, but all in all, they were focused on each other, and excited for sure because Cassandra was bopping around from foot to foot the whole time. It was so cute and funny! She literally couldn’t contain her excitement! Soon though, it all came down to one moment, that first kiss where mom and dad became husband and wife. Congratulations Lee and Cassandra! It was an amazing day and place for an amazing couple and I know you’ll have a full (and busy) life ahead of you. Best wishes always!

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