YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

How was the Avanti Mansion on June 31st? Absolutely perfect.  It was gorgeous out which seemed appropriate because Jenna was looking gorgeous, as she sat snuggled up next to her Daniel waiting for guests to arrive and for the big day to start. The couple seemed really relaxed. They were already joking with each other, and although there was the rumored threat of rain, it looked beautiful out and that seemed to be only a passing concern for them. Everyone arriving seemed very excited, and there was a lot of chatter as guests either found their friends, greeted parents of the couple, or checked out the beautiful surroundings, and the island the couple would be married on. Soon enough Daniel, his groomsmen and myself headed down to the ceremony spot so that Dan could watch Jenna walk down the long staircase on her journey to be his wife. She looked amazing when she did and Daniel was all smiles watching her approach. The couple was immediately focused on each other, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear a word I said because they were too busy joking and laughing with each other! Although they did seem to notice the thunder that kept sneaking up. I have to admit, I was a little afraid the sky was just going to open up, but it held off as the couples first wedding present! After having family members come up to do a joint reading, and their ring bearer have all the guests touch their rings to put their well wishes in them, it was time for Daniel to smash the glass and Mozel Tov themselves into husband and wife! Congratulations Daniel & Jenna! You’re an amazing couple and I think your love will keep all the rainy days at bay. Best wishes always!

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