YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok, the HayLoft in the Grove is super beautiful. This was my first wedding there and hopefully not my last! On May 14th I was able to spend the afternoon with Aeryn and Patrick and the amazingly talented Carla from Costamagna Design, and take part in a beautiful day! I had only met Patrick and Aeryn online, so it was wonderful to meet them in person. Especially when I saw Aeryn and the wrapped me in her arms as a greeting. I felt like I was seeing an old friend again! They were both very excited for the moment, and who wouldn’t be?! It was gorgeous in there, along with a quartet adding to the beauty. Everything was running smoothly (seriously, it’s Carla) and soon it was time to start. While I waited in the upstairs of the barn with Patrick, Aeryn slowly made her way up to us. She looked radiant and Patrick looked so proud that she was about to be his wife! They looked unbelievably happy looking into one another’s eyes, and proved the strength of their relationship by tying a fisherman’s knot, which is the strongest knot there is! It may have taken them a minute or two to get the hang of it, but hey, it shows teamwork already. Finally they grabbed each other for that first kiss, and the audience erupted in cheers! Congratulations Patrick and Aeryn. I’m so glad that we found each other and that you were able to have such a magical day. I know you have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you, and I wish you luck on your big adventure together!


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