YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

March 12th was beautiful and a touch historic at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site right here in Buffalo NY! I’m embarrassed that as a resident of the city I’ve never stopped by, but this was a perfect occasion to finally make it, because it was Marissa and Scott’s wedding! With a small, intimate group of friends and family, and of course Marissa’s lovely daughter Hailey, they stood in a room with much history and prepared to make their own. Scott looked very serious before we started. I realized later that’s because he was very focused on holding back his tears. And that proved much too difficult once he began reciting his vows. It’s hard to know how much a moment is going to move you until it’s actually happening. Even after almost a decade together, you can’t diminish the love and emotion at your wedding! And it wasn’t just Scott feeling it. While Marissa had to keep reaching for a tissue, it was Hailey that shed the most tears! And it was heart-wrenching and adorable! She was just so happy that her mom and Scott were finally saying their “i do’s” and she was happy to be a part of the ceremony. They brought her up between them and promised to always love and include her. Then they all tied a braid together to symbolize their togetherness, and topped it off with a bracelet for Hailey. I really almost found myself in tears! Beautiful little girls crying is just about too much! Congratulations Scott and Marissa (and Hailey)! You’re an amazing couple and the world seems a better place for you having found each other. Much love!

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