YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

January 30th was like no other January 30th. Not only were Laura and Kevin about to be married at The Foundry, but more so because it felt like a spring afternoon. And you can’t take that for granted in Buffalo! I really enjoyed hanging out with Kevin beforehand…a lot. He is funny, charming, talkative and an all around good guy. By the time the ceremony started I felt like I was marrying old friends. Mostly because while waiting at the alter we discussed Vegas, a fear of flying, Laura and their relationship, and of course, the weather. Kevin was very excited that he hadn’t seen Laura yet and wanted to be as surprised as he could on his wedding day. Well I saw her, and knew he was in for a treat. She looked stunning. I had a feeling I would be seeing some tears when she first stepped out in front of him, and I wasn’t wrong. Laura slowly walked towards her groom and his eyes welled up with love before she reached him. They looked so happy to see one another! They were smiling and whispering and I knew, they weren’t hearing much of what I was saying. Which was proven when afterwards Kevin told me he didn’t hear the first 10 minutes of the ceremony. He was in Laura Land. This wedding was also exciting because they had a unity paint ceremony, which is the first one I’ve done. It went really well! They both painted on a canvas together to symbolize their joining, and like the colors, couldn’t be separated again. It was lovely and I think their guests really liked it. Congratulations Kevin and Laura! You’re a wonderful couple who is obviously made for each other. I know you’ll have a happy, and love filled life ahead of you.


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