YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I get a little sad as the year winds down and I know that I have fewer and fewer weddings scheduled. But luckily, one of my last for the year was with Renee and Grant, and they are so adorable, you can’t feel sad even for a moment. At the Statler on December 5th, this happy couple prepared to give each other the greatest Christmas gift ever, albeit a few weeks early!
Grant was super nervous when I got there and I loved it! He was so focused on making everything perfect for Renee. There was a little running around involved (it’s hard to remember to grab the marriage license off the coffee table on such a big day), but eventually everything was on track for a perfect day. Renee looked gorgeous and although a little nervous and excited, I knew she would be the one to bring calm to the moment. Which is exactly what happened as soon as Grant saw her walking towards him. It looked like all of his nervousness evaporated and was replaced with pure bliss. Even I was all smiles when the two of them took hands and looked into each others eyes on this magical day. They vowed to love and care for each other, and everyone there knew that these words would live on throughout their lifetime. After watching them combine sand during their sand ceremony, it makes you think about the symbolism behind it, and the idea that you’ll never be separated from this person you love again. How comforting is that? Then  the kiss happened, and like the whirlwind that weddings are, it was over and time to party! Congratulations Grant and Renee!!! Truly, you were both a beautiful and brilliant couple and I’m so happy you found each other. Thanks for finding me as well.

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