YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 9th I found myself at the Foundry for Jackie & Justin’s wedding. Excitement was definitely in the air. Guests seemed super eager for the ceremony to begin. I checked in with Jackie & Justin and found them nervous, but excited. And then I found out that Justin made their amazing cake topper and I couldn’t stop gushing to him about how cool it was! There are some crazy talented people out there. Soon it was time for the big moment, and they quickly took their spots, excited to finally have reached this moment. Justin and I stood near the fountain (maybe a little too close says my wet pants), and watched as Jackie made her way out, all smiles and nervous giggles. They greeted each other and took hands, and I’m not sure they ever broke eye contact. They looked like they were in their own little world, and that everything in that world was beautiful. I felt so happy for them throughout because I could really feel their love. And I really loved Jackie’s little nervous giggles that would come out in big emotional moments. People don’t realize how many different things you’ll feel on your wedding day! Soon they were in each others arms and it was time to party! Congratulations Justin & Jackie! The two of you were obviously meant for each other and I’m overjoyed that I was the one who was able to join them in marriage! Much love from now til eternity!


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