YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Did you think that the January 9th snowstorm was inconvenient? Well, be happy it wasn’t your wedding day…and you didn’t have family driving in…on a highway that was shut down. But when it’s meant to be your day, and your friends and family would stop at nothing to be a part of it, things turn out ok in the end. Beautiful actually. So on that snowy evening I headed down to the Mansion on Delaware to be a part of Debra and Patrick’s big day. I was expecting Debra to be freaking out over the weather, but she was mostly just overcome with happiness that the day was here. I mean she was there, and Pat was there, so really, what more could you need? As chilly family members slowly began to trickle in, we realized that almost everyone would make this day no matter what. Debra and Pat took some photos beforehand, using the snow as a beautiful background. And with fires burning inside the gorgeous mansion, you could almost forget what was happening outside.
Soon enough, Debra was walking out to Pat, as he waited for her in front of a roaring fire, and they smiled in anticipation of all that was coming next. For two self-proclaimed awkward people, it was a pretty beautiful moment that left the audience smiling. Congratulations Patrick and Debra! It was worth getting stuck in the snow twice to share in your moment. And I’m sure when you look back, you wouldn’t change a thing. Much love.

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