YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I can’t think of a better way to start of a new year than to get married. And that’s exactly what Brenna & James did on January 2nd, at Karpeles Manuscript Museum! Ok, it was a bit cold out. And perhaps there was some icy rain falling. But that didn’t matter one bit to a couple who have been waiting for this moment. When I arrived I checked in with James to make sure he was feeling ok. He looked really, really excited. I went over some things with him and he asked if he could read his vows quickly for a little practice. He got as far as “I James take you Brenna to be my wife…” before the tears started! Now that’s a man in love! I had to quickly excuse myself because when grooms tear up because they are so happy to marry their love, I can barely keep it together. Finally the time came for James and myself to wait in front of family and guests for Brenna to make her way down the aisle. Being as beautiful as she is, it was a sight for everyone. As soon as she was close enough, James grabbed her and hugged her. They looked so happy, but also relieved to have a partner there with them! They said their vows and lit a unity candle, and in no time they were in each others arms for that first kiss as husband and wife. Congratulations James & Brenna! You’re a wonderful couple and I’m so happy that Lee Evans brought you back together 😉


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