YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Just don’t call it a wedding! On November 29th, Eve and Devin were officially married at their wedding “Arrangement” in an amazing building that is part of the Pierce Arrow complex which they happily own. They aren’t a typical couple so they couldn’t have a typical ceremony! The arrangement took place in a giant space filled with items as unique as the couple: dual air streams, a motor boat, half a dozen pinball machines, and of course a blow up Frosty the Snowman. And that was just the downstairs! The upstairs was filled with light, food, sound (10,000 records), and awed expressions of guests who had probably never attended a wedding in such a space. Devin was cool and collected as he greeted guests and waiting for Eve to arrive, who when she did, make one hell of an entrance in a gorgeous black dress and a slight dance up the aisle. They joked and laughed a lot with each other (and stole numerous kisses) until the very serious ending which included the lyrics to a Milli Vanilli song. I told you they had their own style! The arrangement was followed by immediate dancing which guests joined in on. Just when I start to think I’ve seen every kind of wedding there is, I’m happily proven wrong. Congratulations Devin and Eve! I’m so happy that Carla from the extraordinary Constamagna Design recommended me and that we were able to meet. I’m also super pumped you’re moving back to Buffalo! I wish you a lifetime of love and originality.



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