YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Oh Wednesday wedding. You have a place in my heart for breaking up the most boring day of the week. So I was extra happy on July 9th for Kim & Chris’ beautiful Botanical Gardens wedding! You can’t help but walk around in a floral daze when you first get to the gardens. They are so beautiful and a lovely spot to tell the person you love that you can’t wait to grow old with them. Kim and Chris were gathered with their friends, looking happy but relaxed until I said it was just about time…then came the tissues! They parted ways and circled around to meet back at the alter and grab each others hands as this long awaited moment became a reality. Everyone thinks they have it under control…and then it’s time for the vows! Tears slowly streamed down Kim’s cheek, and Chris fought to keep them in as she chocked a little on her words. It was a very touching moment and anyone could see how in love they were! Afterthat there were long hugs and long kisses and an overall glow in the room. Congratuations Kim & Chris! I’m so happy a long friendship turned into forever love and that I was able to bring the two of you together!




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