YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On May 10th I took a beautiful drive to Great Valley, NY to the Grace Depot House to share in Adrienne & Ethan’s big day. Adrienne and Ethan are a lesson that love can be found anywhere since they met when they were 12 years old at Camp Onyasha. 12! They became quick friends and stayed in touch over many, many years. After endless letters and visits, they realized they were meant to be together and so they have been for over a decade! Finally they decided to make it official and planned a beautiful evening with friends and family. The chatty, happy crowd was silenced when Adrienne made her way out with her parents on each arm and met Ethan at the alter. Between smiles and tears they made their way through their vows into an overdue wedding kiss. Congratulations Ethan and Adrienne. Although you had to go through some stress when your first officiant couldn’t make it, I’m so happy that I was able to sneak in and share in your day. My best wishes to a couple that ended up with their best friend!



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