YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 2nd might have seemed like an ordinary day to a lot of people, but to Corina and Andrew, it was as unique as the universe could offer. After seven years of loving each other, and knowing each other since they were 14, it was finally their wedding day! Andrew and Corina both have a fascination with the way the universe works and the beautiful mystery behind it. They used that mutual love to create such a unique wedding, that you couldn’t not get caught up in the brilliance of it. With lights and orbs hanging around the gorgeous Webb Hotel, which is part of Pearl Street, I loved their cake, the star artwork that guests signed, as well as a table full of candy and 4 flatscreen TV’s for guests to play Will and Playstation! How awesome is that?! Andrew and I waited as Corina, looking absolutely lovely, slowly walked out to him. There were immediate tears and I wasn’t sure if Corina was going to make it all the way through her vows! They were just so happy to be saying these wonderful things to each other. Finally that perfect kiss arrived and they smiled with glee as they were pronounced husband and wife! Congratulations Corina and Andrew. I knew from the minute I met you that you were going to have a beautiful day because you’re a beautiful couple. Much love!






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