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because simple is beautiful

I loved February 15th!!! All weddings are special and brilliant in their own way, but some weddings cause your eyes to well up with happy tears. And that happened to me because of Lisa & Lauree! In a private room at the Seneca Niagara Casino, I hung around with Lauree’s very proud papa as we eagerly awaited the bride’s to make their appearance. Lisa came down first, looking beautiful, and hid from Lauree as she arrived shortly after looking gorgeous!
To say that the guests were excited for this wedding is an understatement. Every person that walked down the aisle got a round of applause, including each bride. As Lauree waited up front with me and Lisa came in, they waved at each other, with huge smiles on their faces, and Lauree told her to get up there and join her! Throughout the ceremony they smiled, laughed, held hands, kissed hands, thanked me, made jokes, and made it a unique and wonderful ceremony. I think after ten years together, they were pretty comfortable! Congratulations Lauree and Lisa! I feel honored that I was able to share your wedding day with you. I know there will be nothing but love and happiness in your future!


One thought on “Congratulations Lisa & Lauree!!!

  1. Lisa Babcock says:

    Michelle, you performed such a wonderful ceremony!! MANY of our guests commented on what a beautiful job you did! Thank you so much for such an awesome ceremony!! Lauree and I will forever be grateful!

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