YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

There are many ways that you can start off a month, but NONE are as fun as a wedding! Karen and Andi aren’t wimps when it comes to cold weather. They wanted to be married and no snow or wind was going to stop them. Now that’s true love! At the always stunning Karpeles Manuscript Museum, guests chatted with Andi, looked at original manuscripts (like the original sheet music for “Here Comes the Bride!), and waited for the lovely Karen to arrive. Once the ladies got there, they hurried downstairs with their sweaters wrapped tightly around their shoulders and waited for the big moment to take place. Andi walked his mother down and guest’s giggled as he also walked Karen’s favorite stuffed animal Piggers, who has traveled the world with her. And he looked quite dapper in his mini tux 😉
Karen nervously approached and they smiled as they said their vows to each other. And of course the biggest smile of all came right before the kiss! Congratulations Andi & Karen! I’m so happy I was able to start my month off right with a beautiful couple! And Piggers!



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