YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Back to back Banchetti by Rizzo’s weddings and you won’t hear any complaints from me! It’s a beautiful spot and looked amazing on August 24th for Melissa & Robert. When I first got there, Robert and his groomsmen were throwing out all the usual jokes. That they could be heading to Canada, that they could hide me and go drink instead. It’s pretty common from the guys, but when the bride walks out, the groom always stops joking when he sees how beautiful his wife to be is! Melissa was a little nervous, practicing her breathing as we waited for the moment to start. When it did, it was so lovely. A lot of couples are nervous and I think miss a lot of the ceremony, but Melissa and Robert heard every word and responded and reacted to the description of their relationship, which I love! Their sand ceremony with sand from Japan (where they met) made it a unique and perfect moment. Congratulations Melissa and Robert! You met each other thousands of miles from home, but knew that this was the person that would become your home. I wish you nothing but the best!



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