YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

When I first met Lara and Moray it was clear that they were happy, classy, and hilarious! That remained the same when I saw them again on their wedding day at the AMAZING Burchfield Penny Art Center on Friday July 26th! First off, the Burchfield Penny is beautiful and it really matched the couple! Moray was hanging around with his groomsmen and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Since Moray is hilarious (nice dry, British humor) I assumed his groomsmen were similar. And from their smiles I think I was right. When Lara arrived and I first saw her, she had a slight nervous shake going on which just made the moment even better. After walking down an aisle of rose petals, they came together for their moment. The readings were perfect and looking out into the audience, there was nothing but smiling faces. There was a slight delay when a groomsman passed out (it was a bit hot, but remember don’t lock your knees!), but after everyone realized he was more embarrassed than injured, the ceremony resumed until the big kiss! Congratulations Dr. and Dr. Campbell! I wish you nothing but the best!



One thought on “Congratulations Lara & Moray!!!

  1. Sue O'Neill (Braden) says:

    What a lovely photo – congratulations to you both!

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