YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I think the rain made a conscious effort on June 8th not to come down during Nikki and Mike’s ceremony. It looked like it wanted to, but they were granted a beautiful evening in which to say their “I do’s.” The Avanti Mansion never disappoints and it looked beautiful as always. The first person I saw was Mike and man oh man, did he look happy! After making sure everything was set, we waited for the ceremony to begin. The wedding planner and I joked that no one told Mike to go down to the alter, but he was so excited he couldn’t wait! I loved watching him as Nikki was walked down to him. Such a mix of happiness and nervousness. Nikki looked beautiful and once they took hands, it was like no one else existed. They were in each others eyes and it looked liked that’s where they wanted to stay for eternity. It’s always nice when I can only meet a couple online, but when I finally see them face to face, it feels like we’re old friends. Congratulations Nikki & Mike! I wish you endless happiness!


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