YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

What a way to start off a month! On June 1st I headed over to the beautiful Brookfield Country Club to celebrate Kate and Daniels big day. Not only are they an adorable couple, but Ayres Photography was there and I love them so, double bonus! Kate and Daniel had decided last minute to move the wedding indoors which was a good idea since 10 minutes before go time it started pouring. But I doubt anything could have put a damper on the excitement Daniel and Kate were feeling. After watching the groom and groomsmen joke around and have a great time before the ceremony started, once Daniel walked down the aisle, he became serious waiting for his bride. Until of course she was a minute delayed and he gave a big look at his watch. The crowd loved it! Then Kate made her way down and looked gorgeous. I had to stop myself from hugging her when she made it to Daniel because she was shaking she was so nervous! Once they looked at each other though, everything else fell into place. It was a beautiful moment and when they stomped on the glass at the end and their friends and family yelled, “Mozel Tov!” you knew you had been involved with something special. Congratulations and best wishes Kate & Daniel!


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