YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok, so it was raining on the evening of October 7th. So, it was raining a lot. That will not, cannot deter true love. So even as it pelted down on their perfect alter, and dampened their hay stack seats and fall flowers, Joe and Kim still met each other, in the beautiful back yard of Joe’s father in South Wales, and shared their best moment together. It was fun watching Joe sort of pace around nervously, not because of the rain itself, but because he was worried that the rain would bum Kim out. Adorable! Everyone remained in high spirits as they huddled outside and watched Kim, who was a vision, come down the sodden grass to her love, and throw away her umbrella when she realized she would rather hold his hand. Their vows had the crowd laughing (they may have been Dr. Seuss inspired), and Joe almost had me in tears as he told Kim how beautiful she was, pretty much through the entire ceremony. They are a perfect example that you can have a perfect day, even if it doesn’t go to plan. Best wishes to a wonderful couple. I’ve never cared less about standing in the rain. And since I also got a wind chime out of it, I’d say it was one of my favorite days! All my love!

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