YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Saturday September 23rd might have been windy and a bit chilly, but there is no way Jacqueline and Dale would have noticed. They were too busy have pre-ceremony party at the Embassy Suites Hotel! I love meeting couples that are so much fun, I’m bummed that I’m only staying for the ceremony, because I know the reception is going to be an unbelievable party! Dale and Jacqueline didn’t seem nervous at all…they knew that what they were doing was the way it was always supposed to be. They smiled, joked and laughed during the ceremony and their friends and family laughed along with them. All of this should be expected from a couple whose first date was Texas Chainsaw Massacre! They were so happy to have made it official after the ceremony, they couldn’t stop showing off their new rings! Congratulations Dale and Jacqueline. I know there is nothing but fun and good times ahead of you. Best wishes always!

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