YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Some people (me) spend their Tuesday’s watching Law and Order SVU marathons on TV. Angel and Candi decided to spice it up by getting married at the Lodge Auction House! Yesterday, June 26th, was a loved filled weekday as Angel and Candi were finally married after a decade together. Minus little hitches (their wedding song was missing from their ipod!) that were easily fixed (I just bought it on my phone), and some stressful ones (Angel forgot her vows), things came into their own, and Angel’s from the heart vows looked and felt like they meant the world to Candi. After some nervous smiles and giggles, they were married and grabbed each other in the one the biggest kisses I’ve seen yet. The photo below is my favorite, because it was right after they were married, and I love how Angel’s lipstick is smeared because of their passion. Hopefully she won’t mind that I posted it! Congratulations to Angel & Candi. Enjoy your lifetime of happiness!

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