YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok. Your wedding day is approaching. That one big day you’ve been saving for that you want to be perfect and memorable. The only thing is, you want it to be memorable because it was beautiful, not because it’s the day that you spent your entire life savings.
Here are a couple tips that should help guide you on how to have a killer wedding, without wanting to die afterwards.

A few quick tips:
1. Make sure both of you have the same priorities – being on the same page makes all the difference.
2. Limit the guest list – it’s tough, but possible.
3. Cuisine Costs – think about a buffet!
4. Location!!! We all want a palace, but beauty can be found in lots of different places.
5. Attire – you can fall in love with a dress from a department store just as easily as a boutique. I know you can!
6. Decorations – think about a place that is already decorated like a public garden or museum. Or, think about doing your own flowers.
7. Invitations – grab a DIY book and not only save, but make your invites more your style.
8. Music – bands are great, but DJ’s might be less expensive. Shop around!
9. Photography – holy smokes this can be expensive! Having wonderful pictures are a must, but search different packages. Maybe you don’t need 4000 pictures of your big day. I mean really, you only need a couple gems for the wall.
10. Bar Service – don’t worry, people can get that happy feeling with two hours of open bar instead of five.

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this yellow bird want to give you money back! what a pal!

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