YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 7th was very exciting, not only because I got to spend it with Julia and Chris, but because it was at a new venue for me! I’ve done A LOT of weddings so I see the same places over and over, and I was jazzed to be at the Curtiss Hotel for the first time. It’s really quite lovely and I honestly feel that you can’t top the view of the city (and the rooftop bar doesn’t hurt).
When I first arrived I found Chris walking around smiling, looking a little nervous and making some last minute phone calls (please say we brought marriage license) and making sure his soon to be little step-daughter wasn’t jumping around too much. Everyone seemed extra excited to be there. That energy definitely continued when Julia made her way out, looking gorgeous, and there we hoots and hollers for her. People were just having a great time (maybe not little baby Violet when some tears started), but it was really a beautiful moment. Julia and Chris are so well matched and they smiled at each other throughout, and both would look to the kids at the same time (parents, you know?). But after their vows and rings they took a long, deep kiss and seemed so joyful to be married!
Congratulations Chris and Julia! It was a pleasure meeting your whole family and I wish you nothing but happiness.

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